Story telling

Our blogging capability and newsfeed technology help teams communicate in a way that delivers a personalized, visually appealing experience and allows employees to interact, share, and provide direct feedback.

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Unlock the potential of your content by transforming your corporate policies, guidelines, and governance content into engaging and collaborative pages using our powerful wiki features.

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Department sites

Beezy communities can be used as the central hub for organizational units (such as business units, departments or locations) providing a centralized view into updates, documents, and events -- helping to streamline communication and improve employee engagement.

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Townhalls are an invaluable tool for organizations to gather corporate knowledge in an efficient and coordinated way. They are essentially question and answer sessions in real-time, allowing top management, subject matters experts, or other community leaders to interact with employees in an organized way and capture the output. Employees can ask questions about different topics using hashtags, while Speakers and Moderators answer the questions, all of which will be captured and stored as corporate knowledge.

  • Archive mode
  • Configurable Q&A sessions
  • SharePoint searchable
  • Speaker & Moderator role

Great stories can only happen to those who can tell them

Ira Glass, American TV & Radio Producer