Happy and motivated employees

Beezy is the heart of your organization. It unites disparate teams and delights and empowers your employees. Your workforce will feel engaged and up-to-date, from faster onboarding to better training and collaboration across all functions in the organization.

Beezy allows employees to have fun while they work. Yes, fun! They will also get recognition and feedback to improve and keep pushing, enabling you to identify and recognize skills, helping you acquire & retain talent.

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The power of connecting

Give your workforce a voice and see your organizational culture energized with increased innovation, generating ideas that improve efficiency and performance.

Beezy enables collaboration across every functional area, making it easy to communicate with all employees, and for all employees to communicate with each other – in one central location.

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Break down silos

Your greatest asset is your people. Great things happen when you break down barriers and hierarchies.

Beezy enables your workforce to work differently – to be more open, to break down the cultural and information silos, and to promote collaboration and sharing of knowledge so you can be truly innovative.

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Employee empowerment

An agile company, by definition, requires empowered employees at every organizational level.

Beezy provides ways for anyone to contribute in an open, transparent and reusable way. The social nature of Beezy makes employees not only empowered, but also accountable for their work.

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Great stories can only happen to those who can tell them

Ira Glass, American TV & Radio Producer