Remove barriers

The knowledge and innovation that teams and individuals create should not be limited by your technology. When barriers are removed and hierarchies flattened, great things can happen – and collaboration will thrive.

Beezy allows organizations to break down the cultural and information silos – to be more open, to work differently, to put sharing and collaboration at the forefront so that you can better access and retain the knowledge and experience of your people.

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Capture community knowledge

With Beezy, every question asked and answer provided becomes part of your collective corporate knowledge. Social Q&A adds context to both your content and personal profiles, helping to make your data more accessible, and your content more findable.

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Succession planning just got easy

Improve communication and unlock untapped knowledge within your organization. Don’t let critical information walk out the door when a key employee retires!

Beezy extends and enhances SharePoint making it easy to centralize knowledge sharing, so that patterns can be determined and best practices made more visible.

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Kiss duplicates goodbye

And say hello to a “single version of the truth” of your content! Beezy makes Office 365 and SharePoint incredibly easy for employees to use.

Reduce the amount of time people spend searching for information and provide your employees with the ability to collaborate and share knowledge in an intuitive way.

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Great stories can only happen to those who can tell them

Ira Glass, American TV & Radio Producer