Knowledge centers

Building upon the default capabilities within SharePoint, Beezy Knowledge Centers give your end users a community that combines social collaboration with sound document management and taxonomy features. The end result is a more robust collection of contextual knowledge and data that improves the searchability and findability of your content.

  • Links metadata capture
  • Rich media snippets
  • SharePoint Metadata Service
  • taxonomy

Skills and expertise

An often overlooked but important aspect of any knowledge-based platform is the profile, and yet companies struggle to encourage employees to add to or update their details. Through social activities, endorsements, and gamification tools, Beezy brings the power and flexibility of the leading consumer profile services to the corporate world and SharePoint.

  • Advanced user profiles
  • Endorsements
  • gamification
  • Praises
  • Skills suggestions

Taxonomy & Folksonomy

Beezy leverages the taxonomy and Managed Metadata of SharePoint (tags, keywords) for a more structured and controlled way of classifying content, but also offers a consumer-like UX (hashtags) for a more dynamic capturing of the folksonomy, or user-generated keywords. Regardless of your metadata strategy, Beezy makes the classification of information quick and easy.

  • Follow tags
  • Hashtags
  • Search & filtering
  • Tags

Expert finder

A powerful people search and a dynamic organizational chart allows employees to connect with each other and also discover talent across the organization. As people share and collaborate within Beezy, knowledge is collected and linked to people that become "experts by record" or "by doing". This advanced functionality will take your corporate directory to the next level.

  • People directory
  • Q&A expert routing
  • Skills & expertise filters

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